Eco- Friends is your local, one-tap solution for waste management. Our app works as a hub between the household and recycling centers. Once you download the app you can submit the waste according to the waste category on the app and we will collect it and deliver it to recycling centres!

The best part is we will notify you and let you the waste collection date beforehand. Visit our website for more.
We collect all types of ‘recyclable waste’, which are glass, plastic, paper and e- waste. Visit our website to for more details.
1. Follow the link below and download the app
2. Register by providing your name and location
3. Subscribe to the service by your preferred payment method
4. Enter the type of waste and the quantity
5. Once submitted you will be notified on the pickup date
6. Earn eco points
7. Visit this link to know more!
There is a monthly subscription fee of Rs. 200/= which can be either added to your monthly mobile bill or you can also pay using your credit card from the App.
This is an on demand service, where, based on the waste accumulated in your area, the Pick-up trucks will be dispatched. It depends on the amount of waste quantity you have. We collect as soon as you reach of recyclable waste (only) or 7 days from the last collection date (whichever comes first).
Good question! We will send an SMS notification 24hrs prior to collection.
You can add the payment to your monthly mobile bill or pay from your credit card.
The most painful about the current garbage collection process is that you never know when the garbage collecting truck will come. The best thing about Eco-Friends is that you’ll be notified 24 hours prior to the date of collection so you can be ready.

You can earn points for the garbage given plus you make your contribution to the planet as we will be recycling the garbage we collect.
Eco point can be redeems one in SIX months either by cash or use the point for subscription.
Colombo 1 to 15, Dehiwela, Kotte, Battaramulla and Thalawathugoda.
Waste collected will be taken to our sorting facility to further segregate recycle items and distribute them to relevant recycling centers we have partnered with.